Facilities Management/Consulting

  • Customized Maintenance Program Click here for additional info
  • Facility Department protocol and support
  • Centralized Work Order System capabilities
  • Policy/Procedural: review/support/creation
  • Operations & Maintenance Consulting
  • Monthly Facility Inspections/Audit Services: CORE’s technology platform
  • Review of Client’s Facilities related spend-budgeting and finance support
  • 3,5,10-year customized capital plans.
  • Business Continuity Plans for Facility shutdowns
  • Custodial, Grounds, and Maintenance support services
  • Contractual review and due diligence of Client’s agreements & vendors to ensure compliance and execution.
  • Due Diligence Services-Purchase of existing facility or asset
  • Facility related supply chain establishment and support
  • Professional development of Client’s maintenance and/or facilities personnel
  • Regulatory/ADA/Compliance Support
  • Job Description & Salary range consulting for new facilities department employees
  • General Facilities Consulting
  • General Services Agreements & Retainer options based on Client’s needs

Project Management

  • Individual building systems (HVAC, Roof, Plumbing. Electrical, Generator, Fire Sprinkler System, Parking Lot, Etc.)
  • Multi-Craft Projects: Projects that require multiple trades simultaneously or in conjunction.
  • Renovation: Office Space, tenant build-out, special use
  • Expansion
  • Owner’s Representation for New Construction, Renovation, and Expansion.
  •  Design support/consulting
  • Owner’s Representation for New Construction, Renovation, and Expansion. Click here for additional info
    1.  Design support/consulting
    2. Specifications support/consulting
    3. Scope Statement furnishing and review
    4. Vendor Due Diligence/Selection
    5. Request for Proposal Services
    6. Project Scheduling and timeframes
    7. General Project Management Services
    8. Project Finance/Pay Application support/consulting
    9. Project close-outs and documentation.


Core Facilities Inc. understands that no two facilities are alike in their utility and use. It is this understanding of how facilities are utilized and the unique benefits and challenges they each present that we are able to go above and beyond in our delivery of turn-key facility solutions. CORE Facilities Inc. provides services to the following markets.

  • Education
  • Public-Municipal
  • Library Systems
  • Government
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Operations
  • Logistics
  • Corporate
  • Franchise
  • Assisted Living
  • Medical